Finding the Best Provider/Carrier

Not all phone deals are the same. One may be perfect for another user but it does not necessarily mean it's the best for another user. The same is true with provider or carrier options. Because consumers have different needs and financial circumstances, it pays to do your homework if you want to find the best provider or carrier in the UK.

To help you along, here are some key factors to consider when comparing your carrier options:

Handset Selection

Not all providers offer the same handset selection. If you are eyeing a particular high end handset, you'd want to compare their handset offerings first. Naturally, you'll have to consider providers that offer your handset choice.

Phone Tariffs

Once you've found providers that offer your handset choice, the next important step is to compare tariffs. Remember that a phone contract is not just about the handset. It's also about the services that you'll use and will need month after month.

When comparing phone tariffs, you need to tailor your option according to your typical average needs for call, text and data to ensure that you're not going to overspend on your phone bill in the end. To help reduce overspending on your phone bill, Money Savings Experts has tips and tricks for you.


Other than the provider's track record, you need to check out coverage. This is very important because one provider may provide better coverage in your area than the others. Seek friends and family for recommendations to make sure your coverage doesn't suffer eventually. Remember that your high end handset wouldn’t be as enjoyable if the coverage is mediocre.

Customer Service

Don’t forget about customer service. If you’re getting hooked to a lengthy contract, might as well look for a provider with a solid track record for excellent customer service. At one point or another, you’ll have to call customer service and you want to be treated well.