Get Approved Fast Despite Bad Credit

Just because you have bad credit doesn't mean that you have to forget about getting a phone contract. You may have been refused by one or two providers but there is still hope. The reason why providers turn down applications from applicants with bad credit is because of the risks involved. In order to convince your provider to take a chance on you, the trick is to lower the risks on their end. Follow the following tips and tricks below to do just that and you should be able to hear approval from your provider in no time at all.

Look for the right provider

First things first, you need to look for the right provider. Remember that providers do not use the same credit score to assess your application. One provider may deem you high risk while another may be more sympathetic with your financial situation. Your first job is to look for the provider that will be more understanding with your needs and situation. Research is the key at this point. Compare providers and seek for recommendations to get this part right.

Choose a cheaper handset

The next step is to opt for a cheaper handset if possible. Because you need to lower the risks on your provider's end, foregoing the high end options and settling for a functional but low cost handset is the best way to go. A cheaper handset will lower you monthly fee making it more manageable to keep up throughout the contract term.

If you can commit to pay for your monthly fee on time and consistently, your credit score will soon improve. Once it improves, you may now be eligible for an upgrade to a better handset.

Pay a substantial upfront fee

If you have cash to spare and you want to avail the high end handset, you may offer to pay a substantial upfront fee or deposit. Not all providers may agree with this set-up but you can still try anyway. Put your negotiating skills to the test and speak with your provider. Let them know you're willing to pay the required deposit in order to lower the risks on their end.

When you pay an upfront fee or deposit, you also essentially lower the fixed monthly fee you'll have to pay for through the contract term. In the end, this option is a win-win for both parties.

Bring a qualified guarantor

Unfortunately, not everyone has enough cash to pay the require deposit or upfront fee for the handset. But don't panic just yet. There's another option you can try. You can bring a guarantor instead to help back your phone contract application. Rather than pay cash, you lower the risks for your provider by ensuring that no matter what happens, they'll never lose money with you.

Make sure you're guarantor is eligible and willing to co-sign the debt agreement with you. For a guarantor to be eligible, he or she must be of legal age, a resident in the UK and has good credit.