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Fixing that dilemma for you is PLGCC Phones. Because we know that mobile phones are no longer luxuries but necessities, PLGCC Phones was established for one sole purpose - to help you get approved for the best available contract in the market despite bad credit.

Who is PLGCC Phones

PLGCC Phones is one of today's leading and trusted names online when it comes to no credit check mobile phones. Our mission is simple. We exist to cater to customers with bad credit and have been refused a phone contract elsewhere. No matter your credit score or your financial situation, as long as you meet the basic requirements, you are more than welcome at PLGCC Phones to grab a bad credit mobile phones deal.

Since starting, PLGCC Phones has helped numerous consumers, young and old alike, get hooked to the most appropriate phone contract for their needs. All this can happen in just a day backed with support customer service.

What We Do

Our main job at PLGCC Phones is to ensure that every customer gets a phone contract deal despite bad credit problems. We further go the extra mile by ensuring that you won't just get approved fast but you'll also be guided to the most suitable and affordable plans that will meet your needs to a tee.

At PLGCC Phones, we have a team of experts who help, guide and assist our customers to the right choices. We assess your needs and financial situation then hook you up to plans that you'll both afford and be satisfied with. We also partner with key players in the market as well as top comparison sites such as Money Super Market to guarantee only the best options for our customers.

Get Approved Today

If you're ready to get approved for your mobile phone contract application today, you can start off comparing phone deals at to gauge your options. You'll only then need to follow PLGCC Phones's ultra-simple and ultra-fast application process. Fill out the application which will take seconds then choose from our extensive collection the handset that would suit your needs to a tee. PLGCC Phones will assess your needs and financial situation then guide you to the right phone bundle plan. Approval will be provided in 24 hours or less and you can expect the handset to be delivered right on your doorstep within 24 to 48 hours.